RockSolid LT Commercial  Cable Crossover Machine
Model# RS-COM-300

  RockSolid LT Commercial Cable Crossover Machine
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Dedicated cable crossover machine. Commercial quality.

Plate loaded or purchase with options "Dual Weight Stacks)


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   Product Features:
RockSolid Fully Adjustable Cable Crossover System
Fully adjustable: Use standard or Olympic Plates or Purchase with Optional Dual 200 lb. stacks
Twin 200 lb. Weight Stacks! (Optional)
Constructed of 2 x 2" and 2 x 3" 11 Gauge Steel
Extra Wide for the best range of motion
Power Coated to last a lifetime
180 degree of Movement provides endless choices of Hi and Low Pulley exercises
Sold with two Chrome Cable Handles
Built for serious Cable Crossover Users
Plate loaded for Olympic Weight or can be purchased as a Twin 200 lb. Stack Plate Selectorized with 10 lb. increments
All Pulleys have Sealed Ball Bearings
All Cables are Aircraft Grade and Rated at 2000 lb.
Cable Crossovers
Underhand Cable Crossovers for Upper Chest
Lateral Shoulder Extensions
Cable Curls
Tricep Pushdowns
Cable Rows
Upright Cable Rows
Cable Leg Curls
Hip Abduction/Adduction
Abdominal Cable Crunches
and Much Much More!
Height: 84"
Width: 144"
Length: 39"
Lifetime warranty on frame and welds


Great for sports specific and full body conditioning. With the swiveling high and low pulley stations, your exercise routines on this machine are virtually limitless. All major muscle groups can be trained with this extremely versatile machine. Better yet, all motions are defined by you, more effectively preparing you for every day activities, or sports related movements.

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