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  Product Features:
An obvious choice in your search for the ultimate home gym at the right price.

Choose the base model or load it up by adding all the options to your order. Upgrade it to a multigym which will allow for multiple users to workout at the same time, perfect for couples. No cable changes are required and the smooth operation make working out a joy! With features that rival gyms costing twice as much. The optional squat station adds another 200lb. weight stack to the gym!


Constructed from 12 gauge steel which ensures strength, stability, and durability. High density foam upholstery with stitched seams provides long lasting comfort and durability. Reinforced nylon pulleys with sealed steel bearings and nylon coated aircraft cable rated at 2000 pounds tensile strength to give a smooth, quiet, and durable response for an intense workout. This model is a multi-station home gym with dual 200 pound weight stacks. We leave nothing out! Stations include a press, pec deck, squat, high pulley, low pulley, leg extension/curl, and vertical knee raise (VKR). This home gym also includes a removable five position slant board that allows additional chest and shoulder exercises to be performed off of the squat station. Adjustable seat positions allow for proper positioning when exercising.

(2) 200 lb. weight stacks. (Base model includes (1) one stack)
Press station
Leg Curl
Lat with high and low pulleys
Full color 44-exercise wall chart
Nylon pulleys with sealed bearings
Nylon coated aircraft cable
Row and lat bars are knurled and rotate
Adjustable seats
New pull-lock design pop-pins
Leg Press capability from optional squat rack station
5-Position slant board / bench
Trimmed and stitched upholstery
Durable rubber grips4" Foam roller pads
Extra grips on optional pec deck station
Leg-Lift safety strap
Oil-Impregnated bronze bushings
Macro-adjustment for cable system
  Exercises Available (When purchased with all options.)  
Press Station:
  • chest press
  • incline press
  • pres bar row

High Pulley:

  • wide lat pull down
  • close lat pull down
  • triceps pull dow
  • pull over
  • abdominal crunch

Vertical Knee Raise (VKR):

  • leg raise
  • extended leg raise
  • dip

Leg Attachment:

  • leg extension
  • leg curl

Pec Station:

  • rear deltoid
  • pec fly
  • single arm fly
Lower Pulley:
  • arm curl
  • reverse curl
  • upright row
  • bicep curl
  • bent over row
  • rear deltoid
  • outer thigh
  • inner thigh kick back
  • shoulder raise
  • chest cable cross
  • tricep extension
  • knee raise
  • dead lift
  • reverse curl
  • preacher curl
  • knee to chest
  • side bend
  • upright row
  • seated row

Squat Rack:

  • bench press
  • squat
  • leg press
  • sit-up
  • sitting military press
  • calf raise
  • decline press
  • incline press
  Base Model
~ Height: 83-1/2"
~ Length: 80"
~ Width: 60"
~ Weight: 450 lbs.
Base Model
Height: 83-1/2"
~ Length: 109"
~ Width: 72"
~ Weight: 765: lbs.
Lifetime warranty on frame and welds
1 Year on moving parts (cables, pulleys)


Innovative, offers a lot of flexibility. This gym is very popular with our customers. Ordered mostly by couples that want to workout together with the optional add-ons that turn this into a dual weight stack multigym.

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